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Science Popularization knowledge of Air Purifier


Air purifier, also known as "air cleaner", air freshener, refers to products that can adsorb, decompose or convert all kinds of air pollutants and effectively improve air cleanliness, mainly domestic and commercial air purifiers that remove indoor air pollution.

Which Spaces need air purifiers?

1、The newly renovated house. Decoration materials will more or less produce some pollution, resulting in indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances increased, at this time, we need for an air purifier that can remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases to help. However, it is important to remind that no matter how good the purifier is, it is better to open more windows and smell.

2、Bedroom. For many office workers, the bedroom is the longest room of the day at home. If there is not enough time or condition for ventilation during the day, the air quality in the room can be imagined. Therefore, it is best to put an air purifier in the bedroom and try to provide a fresh air sleep environment for your family.

3、Rooms for children, pregnant women, the elderly or patients with respiratory diseases. The above four types of people are high risk groups of PM2.5 pollution hazards, and they must do a good job of pollution prevention and control in their rooms.

4、Carpet, a room with a lot of cloth. Carpet, cloth art and so on are easy to adsorb dust, when people walk, it is easy to produce dust; some poor quality cloth products, but also easy to release harmful substances. Therefore, it is suggested that air purifiers should be used to prevent pollution.

What are the best places to put an air purifier indoors?

The air purifier can be placed anywhere in the room. Whether placed on the side of the wall, corner and other narrow space do not affect the performance of purification and clean air circulation.

*It is recommended that doors and windows be closed

*Avoid sundries near the air purifier outlet.

*Avoid air purifier close to heater or air conditioning outlet.

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