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Purification engineering science popularization


Purification engineering is a very extensive basic supporting industry in electronic information, optoelectronics, semiconductors, medicine and health, aerospace, bioengineering, precision manufacturing, automobile spraying and many other industries, and according to the precision and dust-free requirements of the industry, the grade difference is also large.

Optical microelectronic purification engineering is defined as the removal of dust particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air in a certain space range, and the indoor temperature and humidity, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air flow distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, static electricity are controlled within a certain demand range, and the closed space is specially designed.

At present, the highest purification engineering level is the aerospace aviation warehouse, which basically  belongs to level 1, belongs to a special field, and the area is relatively small. In addition, biochemical laboratories and high-precision nanomaterials production workshops have higher requirements for purification engineering. The development of Internet of things chips will be a major direction of future demand. With the development of electronic components towards miniaturization, LCD panels have been upgraded to the eighth generation, and the industry demand is very huge.

The air purification treatment of air cleanliness at all levels in the purification project should adopt three levels of filtration: primary effect, medium effect and high efficiency air filter. 100,000 level air purification treatment, can use the sub-high efficiency air filter instead of high efficiency air filter. Most of the clean plants in need of purification engineering, especially in the electronic industry, have strict requirements for constant temperature and humidity, not only for the temperature, humidity and dust in the factory building, but also for the fluctuation range of temperature and relative humidity.

In order to ensure the accuracy of relative humidity in clean room, water spraying, high-pressure spray, wet film and other water humidification methods of its control precision is not high, so when the accuracy of relative humidity in the clean room requirements are high, it is best not to use. The method of drying steam and electric heating humidification is adopted. Another problem that should be paid attention to in humidification is the problem of air flow and water in air conditioner.

In the design process of purification project, it is necessary to strengthen the analysis and understanding of the design scheme of optical microelectronics industry. According to the fact that the project is a new project or an old factory building reconstruction project, and combined with its specific production process, production process and other requirements, the required cleanliness, temperature and humidity should be determined. According to the specific situation of the project, we should also consider the economic bearing capacity of the manufacturers, synthesize various factors to determine what kind of purification scheme to adopt, in order to design a plan that can meet the production and use requirements of the other party, the project cost is reasonable, the economy and energy saving is practical. Our company's clean engineering design concept and construction technology in the industry is in a leading position.

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