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What materials are usually used on the floor of the purification workshop?


Epoxy floor paint, pvc floor and other materials are generally used for the ground of the purification plant.

1、The cement foundation surface is firm, strong and does not shell, so mortar shell should be eliminated, and the concrete layer and mortar leveling layer should be poured together. If the concrete layer is poured first, the thickness of mortar layer is not less than 40 mm, and the requirement of fork lane is thicker. The slope should meet the design requirements, with an allowable deviation of 2% of the slope and not more than 30 mm.

2、The surface is not sand, the hardness is high, there is no cement powdering phenomenon. The newly poured cement mortar layer should be fully maintained. The cement base surface is flat, no uneven, honeycomb hemp surface, cement keloid, other coatings, latex paint, foam gum and other residues.

3、The surface is dry, the moisture content is less than 6%, there is no oil pollution, the PH value should be 6.0 ≤ 8.0. five days before the construction of cement floor after the maintenance period, the base course can no longer be washed or wetted with water. Epoxy resin mortar floor is a method of coating epoxy resin and superhard quartz sand on concrete floor and mortar floor, so as to increase the strength of the ground. Epoxy resin mortar floor without joints, beautiful surface, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, environmental protection and non-toxic. Epoxy resin mortar floor is suitable for places with high cleanliness requirements and strong compressive capacity, such as pharmaceutical factories, GMP production workshops, warehouses, airports, stations and other places with high cleanliness requirements, and can also be used for school, office, home and other floor construction.

Main performance characteristics of epoxy resin mortar floor:

1, The surface is smooth, beautiful to achieve the mirror effect. 

2,Acid, alkali, salt, dust proof, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance. 

3. According to different requirements, it can be made into clean floor, anti-skid floor, anti-static floor and so on.

What materials are usually used on the floor of the purification workshop

Construction technology: 

After the treatment of the base ground, the following methods are used to paint:

1、Primer painting: first, mix component A evenly and prepare it according to the proportion of components A and B. after mixing evenly, use scraping piece or drum to construct.

2、Mortar coating: after the primer is dry, the A and B materials are stirred evenly according to the ratio, and a quantitative mineral silica sand is added. After adding slowly and stirring at low speed, you can scrape once in batches to increase the thickness of the coating and improve the compressive capacity.

3、After completely drying, grind with grinder, sandpaper, etc., grind off the knife marks, uneven places and particles produced by batch coating, and clean with vacuum cleaner.

4、Construction topcoat: after the topcoat and curing agent are fully stirred, trowel with special sawtooth trowel knife is used to keep the floor smooth and clean, improve anticorrosion and pressure resistance.

5、Mix the protectant evenly and  paint with cotton cloth or cotton mop. The requirements are uniform and there is no residue. At the same time, care should be taken not to scratch the ground with sharp objects.

⒈ The construction shall be carried out by the professional construction personnel in accordance with the regulations.

⒉ The strength of concrete should be greater than 21.0 MPA, the moisture content should be less than 8%, the smoothness should be less than 2 mm ≤ M, the surface should be hard and smooth, there should be no delamination, crack, oil pollution, sand formation in pit and hole, and water cut treatment should be done.

⒊ The surface must be polished, dedusted, degreased and dried so that the coating can achieve better bonding effect.

⒋ The site humidity should be lower than RH85%, temperature above 10 ℃ at the time of construction. If this standard is not met, please stop construction or switch to other low temperature and moisture resistant products so as not to dry or whiten the surface. When the construction temperature is below 10 ℃, the corresponding winter products should be selected.

⒌ The yin and yang corners should be made into round corners.

⒍ If there may be groundwater infiltration, waterproof treatment should be carried out first. In the wetter place, after drying with gas sprinkler or solar lamp, apply primer or choose special primer.

⒎ The dust on the ground should be thoroughly cleared to ensure the subsequent effect of the primer.

⒏ If there is a vertical surface or stepping line in the construction site, the tape should be used to mark the line first, and the vertical surface should be constructed first.

⒐Ingredients should be properly prepared according to the instructions and used up during the service life to avoid waste.

⒑ If the coating of epoxy resin exceeds the effective time, the surface of the material must be thickened and treated clean, coated with a layer of primer (according to the interval time), and then the construction of the upper coating should be carried out.

⒒ After mixing the solvent materials evenly, the construction can achieve better results after ripening for 10 minutes.

⒓ When coated with sand or other impurities, it should be removed immediately.

⒔ When the material is stored in the open air, it should be stacked neatly on the stack board and covered with PVC tape to avoid the material from entering the water.

⒕ Surface coating construction should keep the environment clean so as not to affect the appearance of the coating film.

⒖ After construction, please clean up the machine and tools in time.

⒗ After 7 days of construction, it can reach higher strength and can be used.


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