Introducing the Small Woods Asssociation.

The Small Woods Association is a UK wide charity which aims to stimulate best practices in woodland management by organising conferences and events by net working and promoting initiatives. The Association produces a quarterly magazine "Small woods" which informs readers of the latest news developments, techniques and policies influencing woodlands, as well as providing a stream of case studies and tips for members to enjoy and employ.

membership includes people interested in the care of small woods including woodland owners, managers and users. Why not join them?- there is a link on the site which enables you to become a member. 

The association promoted woodland skills.

Photograph by Dal

Re-engaging the disaffected young.

The Association has become leaders in development of social forestry programmes which aim to use woodland craft and skills to re-engage disaffected young people with adults and with the world of education and employment.

The association also has a network of voluntary regional co-ordinators who help to organise events and act as a point of control for members in their area.

The website is contains a wealth of information with pages on---

Woodland products-

Woodland wildlife.

Buying a woodland.

Woodland activities

Tree species.

Manageing a woodland.

Owning a woodland.

Planning permission.

Visiting woodland.


Group ownership and tree planting.

The site also enables the visitor to look at courses, education, publications and a questions and answers forum. 

 Many species of flora depend on small woodland as a habitat. Photograph by Dal

Championing woodland.

The association is a champion for woodlands supporting sustainable woodland and the production and marketing of woodland products for local markets. They provide services to woodland owners and producers and aim to signpost anyone interested in local woods to local groups who encourage access and provide services and training.

The Association offer an inquiry service for those who need help or local contacts, and arrange training, meetings of local networks, seminars and woodland visits for members.

The site is well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in small woods, the wildlife, wood products, woodland conservation and the sustainability of woodland habitat or  how  to acquire woodland skills. Click on the Links banner. From there you will find a direct link to the Small Woods association website. 

Small woods at local level are important to many species of fauna and flora

Photograph by Dal

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