Scientific name  of birds and plants whose common name begins with E

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Evening primrose. Courtesy of Tarquin. CC BY-SA 3.0 License.


vening primrose. Oenothera biennis.

Common name; derives from the fact that its yellow primrose like fragrant flowers,that looks bedraggled during the day but are transformed  by the beauty of its open flowers in the early evening.However,the flowers are short lived but continuous in their production. In summer the flowers will remain open day and night.

The genus name of Oenothera, derives from two Greek words oinos meaning wine+ thera meaning hunt. According to Ancient herbals the plant was said to dispel the ill-effects of wine.

The specific name of  biennis indicates it is biennial.


Enchanters nightshade , Circaea lutetiana.

The common name and Circaea. In the 16th century, a Flemish botanist named Mathias De L'Obel,tried to identify a magical plant which the early Greek physician Dioscorides had named after the mythical sorceress Circe. His first choice was bittersweet,which supposedly acted as a good charm,but his choice later fell on Enchanter's nightshade,which still bears the name Circaea.

lutetiana, Lutea, is the Roman name for Paris where De 'L'Obel and other botanists live.{ before the Romans the Anglo-Saxon's had used the plant which they called aelfthone,as a protection against spells by elves.}


Eyebright; Euphrasia nemorosa.

The common name of Eyebright derives from the plants use and reputed qualities in the treatment of eye ailments. 

Euphrasia, the genus name is derivedto gladden,and probably refers to the plants reputed medicinal power,in 'Gladdening the eye' from the Greek euphraino, meaning  to gladden.

nemorosa means of the woods. 

Elecampane,Inula helenium.

lecampane. The Romans called the plant Enula campana,meaning 'Inula of the Fields',from which elecampane is a corruption.as its alternative names of allecampe and elicompane

Inula,-could derive from hinnulus,meaning a young mule. Down the ages the plant has been used in the treatment of horses and other equine beasts, this gave rise to country names,such as Horseheal,and Horselean. 2', others say it is a corruption of hellenium. See below.

helenium--named after Helen of Troy who was belived to have been gathering it,when she was abducted by Paris.

Another country title was Scabwort,which alludes to its long used medicinal decoction of the root employed externally on scabies and acne etc.


Elder,Sambucus nigra---

Elder, the common name derives from the Anglo-Saxon  aeld. In Anglo-Saxon times  the tree was known as Eldrun,which becomes Hylder and Hyllantree in the 14th century,and later eldearn. Aeld the Saxon word meant fire. The pithe was hollowed out of the branches ,then they were blown through to blow up the fire ,much in the same way bellows were used later.

These hollowed out branches were also used to make pipes,hence 'Pipe tree',a country title for the Elder. 

Sambucus the genus name derives from the Greek sambusca, the name of an old Roman instrument made from wood of an elder tree

nigra the specific name means black and alludes to the berries.


Eucalyptus. Eucolyptus globulus.

Eucalyptus from the Greek 'Eu' indicating well+ kryphios,meaning covered. The sepals form a cap over the flower buds. The Greek eucalyptoos means well covered.

globulus the specicif name means like a globe,and alludes to the closed buds. 

ider {Duck}. Somateria mollisima.

The genus name Somateria derives from the Greek soma meaning body+erion meaning wool.

The specific name of mollisima =very soft from mollis meaning soft. All allude to the birds thick down feathers.


Egret,Cattle; Bubulcus ibis.

Common name derives from the fact that they associate with large mammals, such as cows. They hunt for insects that are disturbed by their trampling.


Eskimo Curlew, Numenius borealis.


Is a critically endangered species globally.

The specific name of Numenius comes from the Greek neos meaning new+mene meaning moon alludes to the birds curved beak.

The specific name of borealis derives from the Latin boreas the north. 

Bubulcus, the genus name derives from Medieval Latin =cow herd .

The specific name of ibis is from the Greek name for the Ibis. 



Eskimo curlew. Courtesy of James St.John. CCA BY 2.0 Generic license. Originally on Flickr uploaded to Commons by Cropbot.

ygptian Goose. Alopochen aegyptiaca

The genus name of Alopochen derives from the Greek alopos meaning fox-like + khen meaning goose .

The specific name aegyptiaca derives from the Greek aiguptos meaning an Egyptian.


Evening Grosbeak. Hesperiphona vespertina.

The genus name Hesperiphona  from Greek hesperos meaning evening + phona =voice.

The specific name  vespertina derives from Latin vespertinus,indicating of the evening ,from vesper -evening.


 Eye Browed Thrush. Turdus obscurus

The genus name Turdus is the Latin name for the Thrush.

obscurus, the specific name derives from Latin obscurus indicating dusky. 

Male Egyptian Goose. Courtesy of DXR. CC BY-SA 4.0 license

File:Posing Egyptian goose near Oestrich-Winkel, Germany 20150207 1.jpg

Other words beginning with E-that you may come across in the Latin names in plant and bird books.

edulis=edible                      effusus-loode or widely distributed,       echinos=hedgehog

ensifolium-sword shaped leaves                                                    estia-house.

erodius=heron                   erica-heath or heather                             esculentum- edible

esphemeros -short lived       echis-viper                                       elaia=olive

equus-horse.                     euanthes- blooming                              erinos-unidentified

euru-broad.                        erubescens - blushing                         eximea- distinguished

exarata-furrowed,engraved.                                                           ennea= nine.

eikon- indicates a picture.  ekkremus=hanging                                 emmences=enduring.

episkios=shaded habitat.                                                      erythrocladium-with red roots.

erythos-red.                   exo=outside or external                   erythosperma=with red seeds.

excelsior-tall or taller.      ensata-sword like                                 eluethros=free

eruo/erus= I Draw [ Blisters]           elodea- marsh                     enkyklo=encircle

euphraino-to gladden.                   europaeus-European /of Europe.

eriocarpo- woolly fruits.            enniformis -sword shaped.        eburnea- ivory or white.

erumpens-breaking through.    eburneus=ivory coloured.          elegans-elegant.

enanti-opposite                      ensatus-sword like                     erion-wool or woolly

electra=amber amber coloured.                                        erosus- indented  jagged









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