Introducing the UK Bees,wasps and Ants recording Society {BWARS}

The UK Bees, Wasps and Ant Recording Society {BWARS} is a subscription based amateur recording society, operating under the aegis of the UK Biological Records Centre.

The Society aims to promote the recording of aculeate Hymenoptera in Great Britain and Ireland, and to foster links with similar societies and interested individuals throughout Europe. 

Wasp on fennel


The Society exists to----

The Society exists to gather distribution and biological data on the aculeate hymenoptera {which includes many important pollinators. { Hymenoptera an Order of insects  which includes the Bees, wasps, and Ants having four transparent wings. derives from the Greek humenopteros meaning membrane wing}.

To provide advise and training to Society members and the general public, and to promote understanding of aculeates. { aculeates means having a sting as bees,wasps and ants from the Latin aculeatus from acus needle}.

There is an urgent need for proper, well co-ordinated data distribution and habitats for many animals to support conservation programmes , ecological research, and to promote effective conservation strategies on a national basis { the intended function of the National Conservation Agencies}. Such data is not only useful to monitor individual populations or species, but can be used for great effect to predict or diagnose the condition of areas of natural habitat. This is possible because of the sensitivity of many plants and animals, especially insects { because of their great diversity and sheer numbers} to otherwise unobtrusive environmental changes, all to frequently detrimental and man made. 

Bumble bees are familiar to most people-note the pollen baskets on the legs.


BWARS the site contains----

The site contains a wealth of knowledge for any one interested in the study of aculeates. There are pages containing aculeate information sheets.

How to identify aculeates.

Photo Gallery


News letters.

UK Guides



Membership details.

The society publishes two news letters a year, and {in association with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology} a part of the Provisional Atlas of the Aculeate Hymenoptera of Britain and Ireland every two years { in which some 60 species are mapped at a resolution of 10x10km}



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