Childrens  gardens-Part one The Garden. 

Introduction.     The text on this page is taken from the book, " Children's Gardens"  by Mrs Evelyn Cecil {1865-1941}, published in London by Macmillan in 1902. The book is not in copyright and the pages are courtesy of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 

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Children in Indonesia enjoying garden balsam  Impatiens balsamina

Image courtesy of David E Meade  Public Domain.

Flowers of Clematis montana

Image courtesy of Madzik CC BY-SA 2.0 license originally posted on Flickr

Pyracantha The berries appear in autumn

Image courtesy of Acabashi CC BY-SA 4.0 licenseFirethorn Pyracantha Rhodes Arts Complex Museum Theatre Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire England 1.jpg

Rosa regosa

Image courtesy of W carter CC BY -SA 4.0 license

Pansy is a great plant ideal for children to grow and maintain

Image courtesy of Colin Smith CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Coming in Part two

In part two of Children's gardens we explore the garden plants of spring. see content box above. 

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The  images on this page may be reused. However, the name of the relevant author must be attributed along with the accompanying  license.

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