Butterfly conservation Lancashire

Butterfly Conservation Lancashire is a local section of Butterfly Conservation, a registered charity, dedicated to the conservation of butterflies, moths and their environment.

Female orange tip on forget-me-not

photo by Dal.

The branch runs a programme of guided walks and other events throughout the butterfly season, and runs conservation work parties during the autumn and winter. Members receive a twice-yearly newsletter brimming with a variety of interesting articles, and have access to a Branch library and moth trapping equipment. They maintain a website full of useful information for those with an interest in the region's butterfly and moths. They also advise on , campaign on, and publicise butterfly and moth conservation issues-especially those particularly relevant to the local area.

They have recently opened their first butterfly reserve, ay Myers Allotment in the Arnside/Silverdale area of north Lancashire. Admission to the reserve is free to all, so why don't you pay them a visit?

Peacock butterfly at rest. Courtesy of charlesjsharpe {Sharp photography } CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

'Old' Lancashire

The Branch covers an area roughly following the boundaries of" old Lancashire"-counties of Lancashire, Merseyside excluding the Wirral, and  Greater Manchester-and the Isle of Man. At the time of writing{November 2011}, they have over 400 members. They would love you to join them-whether you enjoy watching wildlife, getting creative for their newsletter, eating soup around a bonfire after a hard morning's scrub clearance, or would just like to know that you're helping to save some very special, important and declining species, they have something for almost everybody with an environmental bone in their body. Contact the Membership Secretary, Archie Simpson, for details-his contact info can be found by clicking on the Links banner-- just enjoy your time exploring the website.

Gate keeper {Dal}

Tortoiseshell  .Image courtesy of JM Garg CC BY-SA 2.5 license.


I would like to thank Daniel Flenley, Publicity Officer, Butterfly Conservation Lancashire whose contribution was the basis for the text.

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