Butterflies and Moths shown to Children part -1

Small pearl bordered fritillary. Image courtesy of Charles J Sharp {Sharp photography} CC BY-SA 4.0 license.


The text on this page is taken from the book ' Butterflies and Moths shown to the Children' by Theodore Wood and Janet Harvey Kelman. It was published in London and Edinburgh in 1910 by TC -EC Jack. 

The book is not in copyright and in the public domain. The coloured images are my personal  choice  {see reuse of images below}.

The pages of this book are provided courtesy of the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

It is an historic look at our butterflies and moths and designed for children. 

In Part -two

We continue to look at butterflies.

Notes to the reader.

This book was published in 1910, and since then many many changes have occurred in our countryside. 90 % of our wild flower meadows have been lost, insecticides and habitat loss has taken its toll on the butterfly populations. Climate change has also had an effect with butterflies once only found in the south are now found much further north.

The information about status mentioned in the text about individual species were correct at the time of publication. However, because of the reasons mentioned they may not be correct now. Please see  Butterfly Red List,  Butterfly Conservation,  Lepidoptera Butterflies, in the content boxes above for the latest status for individual species.

The description,food plants and habitat mentioned in the text above are still accurate along with the detailed images.

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Reuse of images.

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The coloured plates of the butterflies along with the text of this book are courtesy of the Biodiversity heritage Library.