Golden Eagles doing slightly better.

Courtesy of Ron Knight. CC BY-SA 2.0 License

State of the Birds 2016 { SUKB} brief summary and highlights. Courtesy of the RSPB. 

The State of UK Birds 2016 , is a one stop shop for annual, periodic and one off surveys and monitoring programmes. The SUKB-2016 provides an in depth overview of the status of the wild bird population in the UK and overseas territories. It gives an update on trends for as many of the UK's regularly occurring species as possible.

The report also includes indicators showing broad trends for species grouped within four main habitats, Farmland, Woodland, Wetlands and Coastal /marine. This years report includes the birds of conservation concern assessment  {BoCC4}.which assigns species to the Red, Amber or Green list of conservation concern.{ see UK Red List birds  in the content banners above click on the banner and scroll down to view.}. It celebrates good news from recent surveys for Golden eagle and Cirl Bunting.

Eurasian Curlew . Image courtesy of Dr. Raju Kasambe CC BY -SA 4. 0 international license.

SUKB-2016 highlights the plight of the Curlew.

However, the report highlights the downward trend for upland species with five added to the Red list of conservation concern { criteria for inclusion to the list is that the species has declined in numbers/distribution by 50% or more in the last 60 years}, giving cause for concern. Europes largest and most distinctive wader -the Curlew {Image above}, has been added to the list as have Dotterel, Whinchat , Grey wagtail and Merlin. This highlights the fact that upland species are in increasing trouble.The total number of upland birds appearing on the Red List is now 12.

Good news for some species.

There was some good news for some species. As previously mentioned Golden Eagles have increased 15% since the last survey in 2003. Cirl Bunting population is now estimated at 1000 breeding pairs.Winter thrushes are also doing well showing just how important the UK is to these migrating birds.

Cirl Bunting

Courtesy of Bogbumper CC BY -SA  2.0 License.

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Better news for the Cirl bunting.

Courtesy of Paco Gomez {Spain}. CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic License.

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