I am a nature enthusiast who has spent his life in the countryside of Lancashire in the north west of England. On this site I will share with the visitor the many varied inhabitants that live in this region. 

 We will meet with the fauna and flora that share the north west of England with the general populace. 

Habitat---Conservation issues--Priority species.

Wildlife interest.

I am interested in all aspects of British wildlife but especially  the aspects of British flora. I have long been interested in herbs and their uses.

I have worked in the dispensary of a well known, established, company that makes herbal medicine, However, the vast majority of my knowledge has been acquired through living in my life in the countryside.

In the days of my youth I was fortunate enough to be in the company of some traditional country people, who at the time, still utilised the wild flora for medicine and food. They were well, versed in the ways of the countryside. Alas they are no longer with us but I hope I can help to share the knowledge I have gained from them, and my own experiences on this site.,  

Children and nature.

There are many pages on this site dedicated to,  and,  for children. Children are the future custodians of our countryside and it is my intention to encourage their interest in as many ways as possible.

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Enough about me I hope you enjoy the contents of this site and the Links to many other articles I have produced in different locations on the web.

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