Drone and Nature an article by Emma Mills   Copyright solely belongs to Emma Mill. Part -1 Drones: The new way to film your pets.

A DJI Phantom UAV for commercial and recreational aerial photography Courtesy of Capricorn 4049   CC BY -Sa 4.0 International license.

Drones: The New Way To Film Your Pets.

Whether they are being crazy or just plain cute,since the creation of the portable video camera, we have been filming our pet and haring it to friend and family. Of course,it helped that all sort of TV programs paid good money for the funniest ones too! Then along came the internet and the smartphones then sites like YouTube and sharing has never been easier. That being said,while it is nice to film our pets so intimately, the scope of the hand-held camera is somewhat limited.

Have you tried to film a partner,a child or yourself while walking the dog ? It is not easy is it-especially if you have my lack of balance when walking backwards. Either that or you film them from behind or as they come to you. It's ok, but not dynamic. In the last couple of years this has begun to change with the affordability of modern drones.

These machines began as military devices used in Iraq and Afghanistan, but have since been turned into hobby devices and even used in their own sports events. Drones are being used to monitor and protect big game wildlife in Africa, and to capture nature shots man cannot yet reach. But they are also small enough and affordable enough for everyday Joes like us, to buy them and use them for fun,to film what we are doing, where we are going,and also our pets.

The advantage of drones.

The advantage drones have over other types of camera is flexibility and steadiness. You can control the drone o that it hovers,so it give a bird's eye view,a panorama, or a swooping shot over your subject. To give you an idea how to use a drone to capture your pets, take a look at some of the videos.

Video -1  Link address below.. indoors with the Cat Now getting up close and personal with cats does require one of the smaller drones plus a durable one,as this video shows get to close and the cat will hunt




Video -2 Link Address below.  Lets not forget the idea of the daily dog walk perhaps video them along the beach,a field,paths etc, or even in the neighborhood, but be wary  that others may not want to be in the video or have the drone near their properties


Video -3 Link addresses below. It's possible to film dogs doing different activities too  including 'Getting to excited by a drone' while in the yard.,'Gathering Sticks' or perhaps something more serious like a  'search and rescue dog' in action









Beautiful drone photography.  Courtesy of Adrian OLIVER   tandard YouTube License.

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